PHL Professional Societies

Developmental Biology

PSDB       Philippine Society for Developmental Biology (website)
PEMS      Philippine Environmental Mutagens Society (website)


BIOTA      Biology Teachers Organization of the Philippines (website)


PSSN      Philippine Society for the Study of Nature (website)

Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology

PSBMB      Philippine Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (website)
PSCB         Philippine Society for Cell Biology (website)
PhilSAGen  Philippine Society for the Advancement of Genetics (website)


PSM          Philippine Society for Microbiology (website)
PNMCC    Philippine Network of Microbial Culture Collections (website)


NFP          Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines (website)

Natural Producs

NPSP       Natural Products Society of the Philippines (website)

Plant Biology

CSSP      Crop Science Society of the Philippines (website)
FCSSP    Federation  of Crop Science Societies of the Philippines

Biodiversity, Conservation and Wildlife Biology

ASBP      Association of Systematic Biologists of the Philippines (website)
PNPCSI  Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society (website)
WCSP     Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines (website)
MSP        Malacological Society of the Philippines (website)