Dev Bio: Key to Conservation and Sustainability (PSDB)

Adamson University will be hosting the 8th Philippine Society for Developmental Biology (PSDB) Annual National Convention with the theme "Dev Bio: Key to Conservation and Sustainability" on October 22, 2016. See poster of details.

1st PSCB Lecture Caravan: Advances in Cell Biology (PSCB)

The Philippine Society for Cell Biology is inviting everyone to its first University Lecture Caravan with the theme "Advances on Cell Biology" to be held on July 9, 2016 at Centro Escolar University. Topics to be discussed include "Nucleus: The Control Center of the Cell", "RNAi: A Silencing Tool in Gene Functional Studies", "Microbes as Pollution Indicators" and "Plasmodium sp.: The Deadlies Parasite in History".

7th Asia-Pacific Biotechnology Congress and 45th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting (PSM)

The Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc. will have the merge of traditions and innovations towards ASEAN 2016 in the country with the 7th Asia-Pacific Biotechnology Congress and 45th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting with the theme: “Microbiology and Biotechnology in ASEAN 2016: Bridging Traditions and Innovations.” PSM will aim to highlight in the Congress, the potential of microbes, and hopes that, through this event, microbiologists will be able to better appreciate the application of scientific knowledge from tradition leading to innovations that will augment the field towards ASEAN 2016.

TAALaman: The Lake's First Biomuseum (PSFBE2016)

The UST Graduate School Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Class, in cooperation with the Biodiversity Management Bureau – DENR, UST Museum, and the UST Department of Biological Sciences – College of Science is pleased to invite you to TAALAMAN: The Lake’s First Biomuseum, a science exhibit to be held from June 7-17, 2016 at the UST Museum, UST, EspaƱa, Manila. This event is in coordination with the 1st Philippine Symposium on Freshwater Biodiversity and Ecosystems.

7th Fisheries Scientific Conference (NFRDI-BFAR)

The National Fisheries Research and Development Institute - DA Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources will host the 7th Fisheries Scientific Conference (7th SCICON) on September 29-30 in Tagaytay City. 

PSBMB and PSCB to hold international conferences this 2016

2016 is a good year for molecular life sciences in the Philippines with two professional societies namely the Philippine Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (PSBMB) and Philippine Society for Cell Biology (PSCB) scheduled to hold separate international conferences this year.