TAALaman: The Lake's First Biomuseum (PSFBE2016)

The UST Graduate School Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Class, in cooperation with the Biodiversity Management Bureau – DENR, UST Museum, and the UST Department of Biological Sciences – College of Science is pleased to invite you to TAALAMAN: The Lake’s First Biomuseum, a science exhibit to be held from June 7-17, 2016 at the UST Museum, UST, España, Manila. This event is in coordination with the 1st Philippine Symposium on Freshwater Biodiversity and Ecosystems.

TAALAMAN is a word play between Taal and “laman”, derived from the Tagalog word which literally translates to contents in English, with the whole title referring to the flora and fauna in the lake. The first of its kind, the objective of this activity is to feature the rich biodiversity of Lake Taal, and in doing so, raise awareness of the protection and conservation of these natural wonders.  The exhibit will have two setups: a dry exhibit, which will be in the form of informative posters about Lake Taal and its biodiversity; and a wet exhibit, which will showcase live specimens of fishes, amphibians, reptiles, arthropods, and aquatic plants contained in glass aquaria. The former will be held at the UST Museum itself, while the latter will be displayed at the UST Main Building Lobby.

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