Genomics Research in the Philippines: Where are we now? (PhilSAGen)

DATE:22-24 November 2012 
VENUE:Central Mindanao University, Musuan, Bukidnon

The Philippine Society for the Advancement of Genetics, Inc. (PhilSAGEN) cordially invites you to the 12th National Genetics Symposium (NGS). The NGS is a biennial gathering of professionals in genetics and related fields. It serves as a forum for the presentation of research findings, sharing of knowledge, exchange of ideas, and discussion of topics related to genetics research and education.

The 12th NGS focuses on the exciting field of genomics. In this conference, esteemed speakers from the academe, R & D, and the medical field will give exciting talks on how genetics in the Philippines is being transformed by this fast-advancing field. Expect to discover the application of genomics in plant and animal breeding, biodiversity, human genetics, medicine and ethnicity. Ethical, legal, and social issues will be also be discussed. Also included in the program is a competition for best poster and best undergraduate thesis.

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